We’ve all had the experience of setting a goal and then getting side tracked, only to have to set the same goal again a period of time later- or never really commit to the brilliant idea we had.

One of the most important things I stress with coaching clients is the power of finding the purpose behind whatever they are looking to accomplish.

As a trainer and healthcare practitioner- I see people stumbling (for lack of a better word) through their lives. Often frustrated by their decisions and where their choices lead them to. Pain, dysfunction, lost goals, poor performance at work or in sport..

When you think of the top competitors in any sport, equestrian being no exception, you get the sense that their entire purpose is to be doing exactly what they are doing. It looks easy for them (even when we all know how much hard work it takes), and their focus is unshakeable.

Performing to a high level no matter the size of your goals comes down to forming a strong, unshakeable purpose.

Even if you goal is something as simple as wanting to get a flying lead change, or involves more factors like improving your dressage or derby course score.. if you don’t make it as important to your well being as breathing.. it becomes a lot easier to be side tracked.

Figuring out your “why” or your “purpose” isn’t as simple as just saying “well because I really really want it” or “so I can do better in competition” or “I want to beat so and so”. It requires you going deep and getting vulnerable with what the small steps are on the way to this goal and how they affect you on every level.

An excellent statement I had from a client recently after she was asked to get a little more detailed about her why statement was the realization that her deep love of working with horse’s was what brought light into her life, and it wasn’t something she could imagine not doing.

Many successful entrepreneurs will say a similar thing- the reason they make the choices and push past any and every barrier seemingly unphased is that they don’t see any other option. Their wellbeing and survival as a human depends on it. The lifestyle they have chosen that many others view as complete insanity is the only way they can imagine living.

Successful goal setting comes from that place of absolute resolve and making the goal a part of your identity. Regardless of how big or small the task is.

Once you find your why – it becomes easier to detail the specifics behind your goals. All those action steps that make direction to your destination more definable. Then the nitty gritty work can begin.

Need help figuring out your why? Goal setting sessions and performance coaching is available for just that. Email ridewellperformance@gmail.com to book your FREE consult today.

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