The Heels Down Conundrum

Originally posted on our sister companies site, From the day we start riding we were told to get our heels down as far as we can. Keeping the heels down and the toes up is a common thing to want to instil into a new rider, mainly for safety reasons. Us riders spend most of … Continue reading The Heels Down Conundrum

Connect Your Seat and Lower Leg with This Simple Move

Fallen arches? Bad knees? Plantar Fasciitis? Back Pain? Headaches? Leg slipping back? Stiff seat? Can't sit the trot? Crap lateral work? Did you know all those things can be linked back to your foot posture and your ability to balance/control your posture? As humans, we use balance and proprioception (body awareness) almost constantly in and … Continue reading Connect Your Seat and Lower Leg with This Simple Move

Finding Your Why

We’ve all had the experience of setting a goal and then getting side tracked, only to have to set the same goal again a period of time later- or never really commit to the brilliant idea we had. One of the most important things I stress with coaching clients is the power of finding the … Continue reading Finding Your Why

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