Article Analysis (and Rant) #1

In University I had a prof that would make us take magazine articles on fitness and dissect them, calling out any blatant errors or marketing grabs that were incorrect based on appropriate exercise science and biomechanics... So.. prepare yourself... This article from came across my newsfeed the other day, and I hesitated on clicking … Continue reading Article Analysis (and Rant) #1

Is your leg working for you or against you?

Want to know my biggest pet peeve as a clinician and a strength and conditioning specialist? Doing calf raises to help a rider's lower leg get "stronger". It may be one of the most common things to see in rider's, that pesky lower leg that just won't stay where we want it to. Trouble keeping … Continue reading Is your leg working for you or against you?

The Agile Rider: Mind and Body

Agility- Defined as the ability to control direct of the body, or body segment during rapid movement, agility is a commonly used training method in many sports.  Agility has also become common in the equestrian world as a way to work with horses, training obedience and giving riders a fun way to work with their … Continue reading The Agile Rider: Mind and Body