RideWell, Live Well.

Accomplishing your goals means looking at the whole picture. At RideWell we combine total body and mind therapy and performance training to free any existing restrictions on your performance (injury/pain, movement dysfunction) and lift it up to the next level. In order to ride well we have to live well.

Finding Your Why

We’ve all had the experience of setting a goal and then getting side tracked, only to have to set the same goal again a period of time later- or never really commit to the brilliant idea we had. One of the most important things I stress with coaching clients is the power of finding the … Continue reading Finding Your Why

Is your leg working for you or against you?

Want to know my biggest pet peeve as a clinician and a strength and conditioning specialist? Doing calf raises to help a rider's lower leg get "stronger". It may be one of the most common things to see in rider's, that pesky lower leg that just won't stay where we want it to. Trouble keeping … Continue reading Is your leg working for you or against you?

Pre-Ride Sequence for Mobile Hips and Stable Shoulders

There are a few things that are important for a warm-up. We riders don't necessarily need to go for your typical 5-10 min cardio warm-up, as often the routine tasks of grooming, tacking up, and other barn things get the blood flowing. Something that is great for us, though, is warming up the movement patterns … Continue reading Pre-Ride Sequence for Mobile Hips and Stable Shoulders

The Agile Rider: Mind and Body

Agility- Defined as the ability to control direct of the body, or body segment during rapid movement, agility is a commonly used training method in many sports.  Agility has also become common in the equestrian world as a way to work with horses, training obedience and giving riders a fun way to work with their … Continue reading The Agile Rider: Mind and Body

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