RideWell, Live Well.

Accomplishing your goals means looking at the whole picture. At RideWell we combine total body and mind therapy and performance training to free any existing restrictions on your performance (injury/pain, movement dysfunction) and lift it up to the next level. In order to ride well we have to live well.

Are you working too hard?

Equestrians have a culture of pushing through pain. Though, what many fail to realize- pain is generally not a beneficial thing to push through in terms of longevity in our health and performance. If we are in pain and negatively stressed- we’re more likely to experience burnout, injuries, illnesses, and lower adherence to exercise programs. … Continue reading Are you working too hard?

No Stirrups November- Some Thoughts from a Fitness Professional

Don’t get me wrong… I’m 100% for feeling the burn and making those riding muscles work without the aid of those things we put our feet in. I just have a few things I need to get out about the entire month dedicated to riding without stirrups. As any rider who came up through a lesson … Continue reading No Stirrups November- Some Thoughts from a Fitness Professional

Holding Patterns and Your Performance

The theme lately has been INTENTION. Figuring out what you want, using visualization and kinesthetic awareness to get it communicated to your horse. Something we don't often hear about is habitual movement patterns, or holding patterns. We humans store A LOT in our physical tissues. Issues and tissues go together long before Kleenex made that … Continue reading Holding Patterns and Your Performance

Are you doing it wrong?

"Tuck your ribs" "Suck in your tummy" "Squeeze your abs" "..belly button to spine" You've probably heard one, if not all of those, at some point in your fitness endeavours. Whether it's yoga, physiotherapy, pilates, a bootcamp, or just from a trainer or article... those are all common ways for people to describe core "activation". … Continue reading Are you doing it wrong?

Fit to Ride?

Do you have what it takes to be a rider? Are you up to snuff athletics wise, or are you relying on your horse to do all the work? I’ve devised a “simple” test for you to try, to see if you meet what should be a standard for riders across the sport fitness wise. … Continue reading Fit to Ride?

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