Are you Committed?


Accountability– We all struggle with it.

Enter RideWell.

A performance coaching program and community designed for the dedicated Equestrian athlete.

The goal:

Effective cross-training, nutrition, and commitment to higher performance made SIMPLE. 

It’s time to train like the athlete you want to be. 


Connect Your Seat and Lower Leg with This Simple Move

Fallen arches? Bad knees? Plantar Fasciitis? Back Pain? Headaches? Leg slipping back? Stiff seat? Can’t sit the trot? Crap lateral work? Did you know all those things can be linked back to your foot posture and your ability to balance/control your posture? As humans, we use balance and proprioception (body awareness) almost constantly in and …

Performance Coaching

The Basics:

– Nutrition Habit Coaching

– Cross Training via online coaching software

– Performance Prep Consult up to 1x/mo (to be used for therapy, riding analysis, workout)

– Online Community Access

– Discount (15%) on public workshops, seminars, and classes.

** This plan is ideal for those at a distance!

Performance Ready:

– Nutrition/Habit Coaching

– Video or In Person Assessment On and Off horse

– Monthly Body Treatment (sport massage/myofascial release)

– Monthly Riding Assessments

– Workouts via online software

– Mobility Routine via online software

– Goal Setting session

– Community Access

– Discount (25%) on regular therapy and training services (excludes services covered by private insurance or MPI) over monthly inclusions.

– Discount (25%) on public workshops, seminars, and classes.

** Ideal for local athletes looking to seriously up their health and performance game! Can be modified for those at a distance too!

RideWell Personal Training Services (Local Only)


⁃ Gym Membership to MORFit Training Centre

⁃ 1-3xTraining Session/week

⁃ Nutrition/Habit Coaching (ProCoach)

Contact us at for more info!