RideWell, Live Well.

Accomplishing your goals means looking at the whole picture. At RideWell we combine total body and mind therapy and performance training to free any existing restrictions on your performance (injury/pain, movement dysfunction) and lift it up to the next level. In order to ride well we have to live well.

Holding Patterns and Your Performance

The theme lately has been INTENTION. Figuring out what you want, using visualization and kinesthetic awareness to get it communicated to your horse. Something we don't often hear about is habitual movement patterns, or holding patterns. We humans store A LOT in our physical tissues. Issues and tissues go together long before Kleenex made that … Continue reading Holding Patterns and Your Performance

Are you doing it wrong?

"Tuck your ribs" "Suck in your tummy" "Squeeze your abs" "..belly button to spine" You've probably heard one, if not all of those, at some point in your fitness endeavours. Whether it's yoga, physiotherapy, pilates, a bootcamp, or just from a trainer or article... those are all common ways for people to describe core "activation". … Continue reading Are you doing it wrong?

Fit to Ride?

Do you have what it takes to be a rider? Are you up to snuff athletics wise, or are you relying on your horse to do all the work? I’ve devised a “simple” test for you to try, to see if you meet what should be a standard for riders across the sport fitness wise. … Continue reading Fit to Ride?

Five Must-Dos for Surviving Marathon Competitions (*OD-ing on lattes isn’t one of them)

As WEF comes to an end and those of us living in the Arctic head into our competitive season, kicked off ceremoniously as always by the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair and Spring Classics in Alberta, it's time we talked about avoiding that mid-competition burn out. Riders are unique in many ways, one of them being … Continue reading Five Must-Dos for Surviving Marathon Competitions (*OD-ing on lattes isn’t one of them)

The Heels Down Conundrum

Originally posted on our sister companies site, http://www.katmahtraining.com From the day we start riding we were told to get our heels down as far as we can. Keeping the heels down and the toes up is a common thing to want to instil into a new rider, mainly for safety reasons. Us riders spend most of … Continue reading The Heels Down Conundrum

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